"What are your hours and dates of operation?"

Hours and dates - Our season is typically between the middle of June to the middle of July. Saturdays are the only days we know we will be open to ensure we have a large quantity of ripe berries.

Please contact us via telephone 417-935-4178 or continue to check this site for updated picking dates during the season.


"How much do the blueberries cost?"

The price will be $2 per pound (plus tax). This is consistent with the price for the last two years, when the price was $12 for a five quart bucket (approx. 6 pounds) or approximately $2 per pound.


"Do I need to bring my own bucket?"

Buckets and liners are provided. The liners also serve as bags to transport berries home.


"If I can't come out and pick for myself, do you take we-pick orders?"

We do not have berries already picked and encourage pickers to assist each other on getting the berries picked.

Do you spray pesticides on the plants?

Yes. We did for the first time last year due to the influx of Japanese Beetles and Asian Fruit Flies.