2020 Water Project

As of June 15, the berries are still green. We do not know when the 1st picking day will be. Please check back on June 19 for an update.  We did not loose berries to the freezes; however, the crop appears to be light due to the age of the plants. We do not sell any berries already picked. The price will be the same it has been for years, $12 per dry gallon bucket for u-pick blueberries. We hope to be able to avoid spraying pesticides as we did last year.
​We had an exceptional project for last season's funds 
and invite you to view it  here: 

Welcome to The Blueberry Patch website www.upickblueberries.com. Feel free to browse the different pages on our site to learn when and how you can pick blueberries as well as help continue the Blue Water Project. 

We are located in the heart of the Ozarks thirty miles east of Springfield, MO and three miles east of Seymour just off of Highway 60. View the Contact page for further directions and maps.