2020 Water Project

​The proceeds from the U-pick blueberry sales, less the out-of-pocket production expenses (i.e. sawdust, supplies, paid-out labor, taxes) will be used for a specific water development project in an area where there are high incidences of disease and deaths from contaminated water. The funds will be sent directly to Cross International - Catholic Outreach (CO), who has made a commitment to forward 100% of the funds to a water development project. Due to the efficiency, the cooperative nature of the projects, and severe need, relatively minimal funds impact hundreds of lives. Cross Int.-CO selects villages for assistance based on the potential for the project to promote self-initiative, self-reliance, and self-respect without regard to race or creed.
The Blue Water Project
Help Wanted
This blueberry project is a cooperative effort between you, the consumer, and us, the grower, to provide the funding for a water development project. Basically we are trading blueberries for water, thus the project name, bluewater. We need your assistance in, not only, purchasing blueberries for this project, but in promoting the product to others, and to assist in getting the berries picked for others if needed. We especially need your cooperation in efficiently harvesting blueberries by being careful and keeping lost berries to a minimum. Typically, managed harvesting produces significantly higher yields than U-pick operations. We also would like to encourage everyone to become more aware of the need for water and agriculture development in the third world and organizations that you trust to be efficient and effective. Cross Int.-CO is an excellent organization that has an efficiency rating of over 97% of funds going directly to projects. Cross International Alliance is an inter-denominational collaboration between Cross International (Protestant) (www.crossinternational.org) and Cross International–Catholic Outreach (www.crosscatholic.org) to provide excellent accountability through the churches you have most knowledge of. Both organizations work through local churches near the people in need, and you can choose from a variety of small and large projects to contribute to and follow the progress of.

Last, and most importantly, please pray for all those who are without the basic essentials of clean water and adequate food.
Previous Years Funds
The blueberry sales in the past have supported water development projects in various countries of great need: in Honduras and India prior to 2007; 2008 – 2010 profits of $43,814 provided projects in the Dominican Republic; 2011-2012 funds provided a sustainable water system for 1400 people in Kenya. Due to 27 year old plants (half of patch was pruned to ground in 2014) and new management requirements, 2013-2014 funds were used to purchase equipment, plants and supplies to maintain old patch and to start a new planting to enable us to continue producing blueberries. $11,000 from last year is being used to provide the borehole, hydrological survey, water tank, pump, pipes and all required parts for the Redeemer Primary School located in a farming community east of Lusaka in Zambia. The school is operated by sisters of the Daughters of the Redeemer whose objective is to provide a basic education for the poor, to witness and present the Gospel so all may have the opportunity to follow Christ.

We would like to express our appreciation for your support in purchasing and marketing blueberries for this project. Joe and Marcia Blaine, owners